“A Hidden Truth” by Judith Miller, book review

“A Hidden Truth” A Home to Amana series, by Judith Miller, book review

The simple, predictable and sometimes boring life within the communities of Amana either is a source of comfort or conflict for the residents.  For Dovie, Amana holds the key to learning of her mother’s past.  When her father decides to move from Ohio to Texas, Dovie wants to spend some time with her mother’s relatives to learn about Amana.  Her father reluctantly allows the visit.

Karlina, a life long resident of Amana, longs for information of the life outside the closed community, and welcomes Dovie into her family and even to share her bedroom for the visit.  Karlina who helps her father with the Amana sheep is not sure of the new shepherd the elders have sent to help, but her does her best to assist him in learning.

“A Hidden Truth” continues the Amana series and the author does not spend much time explaining what has transpired in the previous books, but does give the reader enough insight into the workings of the Amana religious community to understand the customs and rules of the residents who live there.

The book was enjoyable to read and kept my attention well.  I enjoy learning about the customs of other Christian sects (Amana, Amish, etc) and admire their devotion to the rules and customs of their lives and their unselfishness toward others.  I look forward to the next novel in the series.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from Bethany House to read and review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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