“Goodbye to Yesterday” by Wanda E Brunstetter, book review

“Goodbye to Yesterday” The Discovery part 1 0f 6, by Wanda E Brunstetter, book review

Luke and Meredith have been married just over a year, but it seems so much longer.  Luke lost his job at the furniture factory and life has just gotten hard.  Rather than enjoy their time together as they did before they got married, they seem to argue all the time.  And now their savings is about gone.

Luke receives an invitation from his uncle to come to learn his trade, engraving tombstones. Since his uncle has no sons he wants to pass the family business to Luke.  So Luke travels to Indiana to stay with his uncle, learn the business and ship the tools back home.

But Meredith is very fearful.  She fears the weather and travel.  She fears for Luke.  And her appointment with the midwife may reveal something new for their family.

This short book is well written, lots of attention to detail and characters.  I felt it is just too short.  It is more like the 1st part of a novel.  I am note sure I would want to purchase 6 different books to read the story.  It might be good for someone who does not like long books, but it ends with a big question about what will happen.  I would like to read the other 5 books.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from Handbar Direction for publishing.  All opinions expressed are my own.




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