“Grace Given” Touch of Grace #2, by Beth Shriver, book reivew

“Grace Given” Touch of Grace #2, by Beth Shriver, book review

Elsie and her family have moved to a new Amish community in Texas, as they were running out of farm land back home.  The move brought many challenges this community had not anticipated, including a less than warm welcome from some of the young English men, who harass many of the Amish.  Elsie and her sister, Katie, encounter the unkind words while walking home.  The girls just outrun the boys, but Elsie is quite bothered.

Then Katie and Jake run off.  Elsie is heart-broken.  Not only is her sister gone, but the boy she had set her hat on was gone too, with her sister.  As Elsie begins to find peace, her father becomes very ill and Elsie calls her sister, to let her know, in case she wants to come home. 

At the same time there are other problems in the Amish congregation as they learn to melt into the existing congregation.  Gideon helps Elsie to find forgiveness for herself, her sister, and Jake.  And finds love too…

Great read!  Story is a little hard to follow at the beginning if it has been a while since you read #1, which was the case for me.  The author does not really spend anytime catching the reader up.  But the story does stand alone.  I thought the story moved a little slow, and bogged down a bit.  But it did end quite happily, but I don’t want to give it away.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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