“Pocket Your Dollars” by Carrie Rocha, book review

“Pocket Your Dollars” by Carrie Rocha, book review- 5 Attitude changes that will help you pay down debt, avoid financial stress and keep more of what you make

Carrie and her husband, Marco, were probably like most couples in their views of money, but they discovered that they had too much debt.  Through a process of realizing the core issues and finding creative ways to solve them, the Rochas were able to pay off their debts and now live debt free.

This book chronicles some of their debt and money issues.  She is very personal and shares details of their debt story.  She also has done a lot of research into the reasons most get into debt and provides some answers and strategies to get out of debt.  Some of the Financial Peace steps are used, although not the entire plan.  She does quote Dave Ramsey at times. 

This is a book that will motive the more intellectual to address their debt and money issues.  It is not a step by step plan to get out of debt, nor does it have tools to help you get started in the debt reduction journey.  If you are in the place that you really need to get your finances under control, I recommend Financial Peace projects by Dave Ramsey.

Overall, it was an interesting book to read.  I did appreciate some of the creative ways the Rochas addressed money issues, including a 30 day  fast from eating out.  I would recommend it to those already determined to get out of debt or live below their income.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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