Cheviot Lambing season begins on the farm

Each spring we wait anxiously for our new lambs to be born.  Cheviots, the breed of sheep we raise, typically do not breed out of season, so many of our shepherd friends have many lambs on the ground before we do.  But we have lambs now!

Last week we had 2 ram (boy) and 2 ewe (girl) lambs born.  Thankfully, no trouble for the lambs or the mothers, and the mothers are raising the lambs well.  We do have a bottle lamb, but she was not born here.  A neighbor has Katahdin sheep (hair sheep) and his ewes often have triplets.  The mother is rarely able to care for all 3 well, so it is a common practice to pull one off the mother and bottle feed it.  He works full-time and does not have the time to bottle feed the lamb, so he gives them to use to raise.  So, this brings our total lamb count to:  2 rams, 3 ewes.  (Pictures soon).


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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