“Though My Heart is Torn” by Joanne Bischof, book review

“Though My Heart is Torn” by Joanne Bischof, book review

Gideon and Lonnie have settled into life on the farm with Jed and Elsie.  Jacob, their new born son, is growing.  Gideon is learning to be the father and husband God wants him to be.  Finally, a family.

But when Lonnie receives a frantic letter from her father to return home because her mother is deathly ill, they quickly pack their little family and head home.  Completely unaware of the ordeal that will face them.

When confronted by their parents along with Cassie and her family, Gideon learns that he is still legally married to Cassie, and therefore not married to Lonnie.  The preachers from the 2 towns meet and decide that Gideon must return to Cassie and be her husband.  Gideon has learned about obedience and honor while with Jed, so even though it tears his hear out, he bids Lonnie and Jacob to return to the farm and he moves into a run down cabin with Cassie. 

This is the #2 novel in the Cadence of Grace series, and even though I read #1, I had a hard time figuring out who all the characters were, as there was really no back ground in the story.  Honestly, I did not really enjoy this book.  While it was well written and the characters were carefully developed, I was bothered with the story line.  There was so much deception and lying, and the terrible consequences were evident, in the sadness of the characters.  I will be ready to read #3 and hope that there are brighter days in store for Lonnie and Gideon.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from Waterbrook Press.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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