Free Quilting Class- Craftsy Block of the Month Club

About this time last year I started the Craftsy block of the month club and starting learning to quilt.  Over the course of the year I made the blocks assigned each month and learned so much!!!  And now there is a new quilt to be made, Craftsy Block of the Month 2013 with Laura Nownes.  This is a free class on the Craftsy site, with a video tutorial, printed direction and patterns.  Everything you need to make a wonderful quilt. 

I was quite pleased with the class for 2012.  It was very complete and the blocks went together quite well.  I did decide that some of the quilting techniques were ones I did not ever care to do again, but others were quite the opposite, and I have searched out other patterns using those I liked.  And the fact that I could watch the tutorials whenever I wanted was so nice!  No having to worry about clearing my calendar for a quilting class or being frustrated when I started to work on the block at home.  With the tutorial, I could just watch it again. 

So, please join my as I learn more quilt block techniques and make some adorable blocks for the 2013 quilt.  And did I mention that this class is free?

Try it out and let me know.  At this point you can watch Jan, Feb, and March, so there are lots of projects for the cold rainy days ahead. 

Disclaimer:  I do earn points toward a Craftsy class if you sign up for the class through the above link.  I am “saving” points to earn a quilting class that I have had my eye on for a while.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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