“Invisible” by Ginny L Yttrup, book review

“Invisible” by Ginny L Yttrup, book review

Three women make up the main characters in this new novel set in Northern California.

Ellyn- owner and executive chef of the town’s most popular restaurant.  She is loved my staff and customers, but does not really like herself and is very self conscious of her weight.

Sabina- comes to Mendocino to escape.  She rents a house overlooking the bay for a year.  She is a practicing counselor, but at this point she needs counseling, and healing.

Twila- works at the local health food store and is following a vegan diet.  She has battled an eating disorder, but is now on the other side.  Or is she?

In “Invisible” each of the ladies want to be invisible or have an invisible problem, that really only God can heal.  Through out the novel, the characters interact and through the weeks actually begin to help each other heal, and at the same time, begin healing for themselves.

The book has short chapters, titled with a character’s name, so it is very easy to follow.  It is very easy to read, and would make a good beach vacation take along.  Although, if you are battling with a problem that is similar to the character’s it might be a bit harder for you to read.  I did get a little insight into how to help friends who are going through a really hard time.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from B and H Publishers.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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