“Unbreakable” Road to Kingdom Book 2, by Nancy Mehl, book review

“Unbreakable” Road to Kingdom book 2, by Nancy Mehl, book review

This is the second in the Road to Kingdom series (#1 Road to Kingdom- Inescapable) and it continues the story of the Mennonite community in the small town of Kingdom.  This book deals with the Mennonite stand on non violence even during the attach on their town and people.

Hope is run off the road while on the way home from the fabric store.  While she is unhurt, the buggie is damaged.  Thankfully, Johnathan happens by in his pick up and scares off the attacker and gives Hope a ride home.  Later another member of the community is killed when his buggy is forced off the road.

The elders of the church meet to determine how to protect the people of Kingdom.  They long-held tradition of not using violence was challenged again and again as the attacks continued and became for violent.  Each member must decide how to protect themselves and their family, and there was quite a bit of disagreement.

This book was easy to read, but I did find the chapters a little long. And I thought the author could have explained a bit more of the Mennonite doctrine to educate the readers.  There was just a bit of romance and it was nice to see how these young folks turned to God in searching their life mate.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from Bethany House Publishers.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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