“Freefall to Fly” by Rebekah Lyons, book review

“Freefall to Fly:  A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning” by Rebekah Lyons, book review

This new book by author Rebakah Lyons follows her family move from the stability and familiarity of Atlanta to the adventure and unknown of New York City.  Lyons shares about her very personal journey of being a wife, mother, woman and Christian in this loosely journal style book.

Lyons explores many issues that are often not openly discussed in polite conversation including mental illness, special needs children and parenting, women’s worth and fulfillment.  Each of these issues has been a real part of her life and she shares from her personal experience as well as those of her friends.  She struggles in many areas of her life and finds the courage to overcome her fears.  And she shares the real down and dirty of living in the trenches of life.

The book has a beautiful cover!  The book is easy to read and I enjoyed meeting her family and friends, mentioned throughout the pages.  I would suggest the book for anyone who wants insight into dealing with mental illness as it touches family and friends.  Also, women who are searching for their own “place” will find the discussion of discovery interesting and helpful.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from Handlebar publishing.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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One Response to “Freefall to Fly” by Rebekah Lyons, book review

  1. 4granted says:

    I also read and was moved by this book. I have friends and family members who suffer from depression, and I am buying each of them a copy of this book. This is a powerful memoir of what it feels like to fight anxiety—it’s not a self-help book, but a powerfully shared story.
    But here’s the thing—even if you don’t suffer from clinical depression, most of us question our purpose, wonder about life’s meaning. This book addresses the questions each of us asks, deep in our souls. Rebekah is breathtakingly honest about her panic attacks, her questions, and the answers she eventually finds. I’d recommend this book to any woman.

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