“A Place to Belong” by Lauraine Snelling, book review

“A Place to Belong” by Lauraine Snelling, book review

The author continues the Wild West Wind series in this book #3. Cassie Lockwood is settling into her place at the Engstrom ranch and learning so much from Mavis, or Mor. She can make breakfast and actually likes sewing on Mor’s treadle machine, but she has not yet had to milk the cows. Lucas has declared he will marry Cassie, when she is ready, but when will she be ready. So much is going on at the farm and Cassie wants to be a help not a hinderance, but how? What they really need is cash money. Ransom is full of ideas and maybe some of them will bring in the needed income.

This novel starts where #2 leaves off and the characters are mostly the same, although they are on the farm now rather than the traveling Wild West Show. Cassie feels such responsibility for her “family” from the show, and is able to care for them as they learn new trades and become productive parts of the farm. They are not without challenges, late heavy snows threaten the new calves, old partner from the Wild West Shows up with all sorts of problems. And the marriage proposal from Lucas is still weighing on Cassie’s mind.

I enjoyed the novel. It flowed well and the characters seemed real. Their personalities were genuine as well as their problems and solutions. The author gave a lot of detail about ranch life during the time period and the issues faced by ranch families.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House. All opinions expressed are my own.


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