This week’s frugal accomplishments 6/2/13

Last week was a quiet one with the kids gone most of the week. This really cut down on groceries! And I stayed at home one day, although did have to drive to Nashville 2x to get Aaron to the bus for the 4-H conference.
-I started a new quilt. My mother gave me a lot of scrap fabric several years ago and I have been slowly using it. One piece I really liked was teddy bear alphabet squares. I cut them apart and layed them out, now I just have to decide what fabrics to use for sashings and bindings. It will be cute. I plan to sew this week.
-Since the kids were gone, I did not go grocery shopping. I just used what I had in the pantry/ ref.
-We attended 2 4-H activities on Friday and Saturday. Both events included meals, so I did not have to cook. My husband used hotel points to pay for our hotel, as the event was out of town. We enjoyed the hotel breakfast. And I did a mystery shopping project at the gas station next door to our hotel on Saturday AM before the conference. I needed gas for the drive home and that location was a good price, plus I got a free candy bar. At the 4-H conference, the kids were on the winning Sheep Quiz Bowl team, and won 2 bags of feed ($10+ each).
-I made dishwasher soap and laundry soap. I tried making laundry soap a couple of years ago and it was a complete failure. My oldest daughter did some research and encouraged me to try again. So I did. And I think I am pleased with the results, so far. The dishwasher soap is quite expensive, and I had been buying some mid-price range brand, but still it was over $6/bottle. The home made version is a lot less expensive and it is working just as well, if not better. The laundry soap was quite easy to make, using several of the same ingredients as the dish soap. I added tea tree oil for the anti bacterial/ anti fungal properties, and I had some on had, as we use it on our farm. I will let you know how it goes as the summer progresses.
-We finished shearing the sheep, and tagged them.The TN Wool Pool is in 2 weeks, so we needed to get it finished and sorted. We will sell the wool. Although the price is down after the highs of the last 2 years, it is still a good price.
-I received a book from Paperback Swap. I love paperback swap!! This week, the book we received was 1 my daughter needs for her fall college class. Have you checked out paperback swap? Basically, you send the books you have finished reading and request the books you want to read. All for free. I also mailed 2 books that were requested from other members.
-Made homemade pizza and toffee bars for the family and several teens who came over on Friday night. It is always so much fun to have the kids’ friends in our home, but on such short notice and with a basically empty ref, it was a bit of a challenge, but everyone enjoyed it.
-While at the 4-H events, I had time during the morning, so I hit the Goodwill store, as it was 1/2 day. It was very crowded and hot in the store, so I was not very motivated to shop, but I did find a nearly new Life Guard swim suit for my daughter. These suits cost at least $40, but often closer to $60. I got it for $2.15. She has 2 life guard jobs, so this suit will get a fair amount of use.
-I did some bargain and coupon shopping at Wal-Mart, CVS, and Kroger. I picked up several items at highly discounted prices and added to the stock pile. I have found the key to coupon shopping is to buy items we use when they are deeply discounted, and keep them on hand until we need them. So I look over the ads and blogs each week and buy a couple of things for our stash. It is nice to be able have on hand items when someone runs out of something- this primarily applies to personal care items, cleaning supplies and school/ office supplies.


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