Frugal accomplishments of the week, 6/17/13

What a week! Summer is here with high temps and humidity! Thankfully the air conditioners, all 3, are working well.

-We began a major remodel of the master bathroom! To save some money we did most of the demo ourselves. It was actually easier than I thought. We tore out the old tile and jacuzzi bathtub, along with 2 pedestal sinks. Later in the week, we decided to remove the popcorn ceiling- that was much easier that I had thought, but the clean up was messy. Anyway, it was very nice to turn the project over to the experts, Joe’s Custom Tile Works.
-I shopped at CVS and got several good deals with coupons and CVS ECB’s, including body wash, gateraide, gum and toothpaste. I also shopped at Kroger for coupon deals, but they were out of the products I had coupons for. I traveled to another town to take my son to work at a Farm Bureau event and visited the Kroger there. This store was out of the products also, but I did get a rain check to use when the stock is back.
-My son needed some new clothes because he has grown several inches since I bought him clothes at Xmas time. I found the size he wears at Old Navy, but it is an online only item, so I ordered him 2 pair of jeans, using a discount code, sale price and free shipping. The jeans were actually less than in the store. And I bought him a new Josheph A Banks suit ( retail $799) for $85 shipped!!! I saw a posting on Your Daily Freebies, and used a discount code from Retailmenot, to get a wonderful suit, for an incredible price. I will hem the pants, with will be free.
-I had my yearly check up at the Doctor, and she said I was in good health. I had the recommended lab tests and everything is ok. I am thankful that our insurance pays for this well visit.
-We sold our wool at the Tennessee Sheep Producers Wool Pool. This wool pool is on of the oldest agricultural cooperative in the US, and this year TN collected just over 14,000 pounds of wool. We took about 70# from our sheep. While wool prices are down a bit this year, it is still above the .35/# we received the first year we sold wool. The TN Sheep Producers Wool pool is run with volunteer labor, so Aaron and I stayed and worked. It is hard, heavy and hot work, but a bit of funn too, to hang out with the other sheep producers. And volunteers get lunch!
-Our garden is starting to produce, so we are eating fresh veggies. I am not buying veggies that I know are in the garden, saving $$, plus we have enought to share! We have had a fair amount of rain, so we are not having to water the garden or the grass.
-I cashed in some points from one of the companies that I do surveys for, and received $24 in my paypal account. I enjoy using paypal to pay for items I buy on ebay, and sometimes my daughters will find items they need for school or work on ebay and if I have enough in my account, it is such a blessing to be able to “give” them the money.
-I found some binding fabric for the quilt I am trying to finish. It is 4″ bias cut pink gingham. We found 3 rolls of biased cut fabric trims several years ago at a yard sale for so little money I forget, but no where near what it would cost in the store. And we have the entire roll/ bolt. It will be cute for the quilt, plus already cut and ready to go. Now if I can find time to put the quilt together…
-I used up both batches of home made cleaners I tried a couple of weeks ago. Both worked well, so I made more. This time in the dishwasher soap, I put the product in an air tight Tupperware container, so it does not get sticky. And I used a different recipe for the laundry soap, as I did not like powdered formula in my he washing machine. And the new recipe used Dawn dishwashing liquid as the soap component, which I have on hand and purchase often with coupons. I used the new products this weekend and they both worked well.
-I hope that you had a good week and were able to live in a frugal way, as it applies to your family.

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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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