“Couples of the Bible” by Robert and Bobbie Wogemuth, book review

“Couples of the Bible” A One-Year Devotional Study to Draw You Closer to God and Each Other, by Robert and Bobbie Wolgemuth, book review.

This beautiful hardback book divided into weekly chapters about couples in the Bible. Each of the 52 weeks studies are about a different couple in the Bible. The weekly readings are structured with daily readings. Monday is the story of the couple, including highlights of their relationship. Tuesday explains their life and times so the reader can understand more of their story. Wednesday is titled, “Can You Imagine?” and challenges the reader to put themselves in the position of the couple of the week and their situation. Thursday has the couple read the scripture story including key Bible stories and questions. Friday concludes the week with prayer with reflection, listening and prayers.

There are 52 stories of various Old Testament and New Testament couples, both well known and not. Some couples have more than 1 week of study, as their stories are complex or lengthy. And couples have only a few verses written about them, so we get just a little information.

The book is written to be read with your spouse during a quiet time together, and this book gives some structure to that time. There could also be a lot of discussion depending on the couple and how much they know the Bible stories and can relate to a particular couple or situation. This book would be a great wedding gift or useful for any couple wishing to study this aspect of the Bible together.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the publisher, Zondervan. All opinions expressed are my own.


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