“I’ve Got Your Back” by James C. Galvin, book review

“I’ve Got Your Back” A Leadership Parable. Biblical Principles for Leading and Following Well. by James C. Galvin

This book on leadership is written in 2 parts, either of which may be read first, and both give the same information. The basis of the book is to learn to be a good follower and a good leader, using Biblical principles. The author gives the information in a traditional “text book” style in the back with charts and outlines. The first part of the book gives the same information, but uses people to give the principles a face and action.

I read the parable first and really began to understand the leadership principles the author is using. There are 4 young adults who all attended the same college, but were not really friends in college. They get together and meet for Bible study, but decide they need guidance in leadership skills. They are refered to Jack, a retired military and retired missionary for help. As the group meets weekly, Jack lays out the principles for following and leading well, and each week the assignments are carried out.

The idea of a parable to illustrate a point is not new, but it is much easier to read and understand that just a list of instructions and ideas to implement. I liked the honesty and real life situations that were illustrated in the book. The back part of the book is shorter and a bit harder to read for me, but gives the same information in a concise package.

This book would be good for a small group study or even as a text for a leadership retreat or class.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Handlebar publishers. All opinions expressed are my own.


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