Homemade laundry soap revised #3

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, you know that I tried to make my own laundry soap and it failed! So I was back to buying it, but thankful for coupons. My oldest daughter found some recipes for making laundry soap, etc and I decided to research it again. I was really interested in making my own dishwashing soap as it has gotten quite expensive, especially when I had to change to a more expensive brand to get my dishes clean. Well, I think I have found 2 good recipes for making both. And after using the laundry soap for several weeks, I have really liked the results. But last week was the real test: we worked outside repairing our barn. It was over 90 degrees each day with humidity about the same. Which means we had really dirty, smelly clothes. And I am quite pleased to report that the home-made laundry soap took care of the dirt and smell.

I found the recipe I like over on One Good Thing by Jillee. Here is the recipe:

In a gallon or slightly smaller container, mix the following

1/2 cup Borax
1/2 cup Washing Soda
1/2 cup Dawn dishwashing soap

Then add 4 cups of HOT water to dissolve the powdered ingredients. Then add cold water to fill container, leaving a little room to shake or stir. Since this is quite concentrated, 1/4 cup per he load has done well for me. I made a 1/2 recipe as I had an old 1/2 gallon container. I have found that I must shake prior to each load, but it is not a problem. I have one family member with very sensitive skin and he has not experienced any problems.

Dishwashing detergent recipe, tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Homemade laundry soap revised #3

  1. gold price says:

    Almost immediately the family started to note that their clothes weren’t getting clean with the new detergent. Freshly-washed laundry still smelled like it hadn’t been washed. So… the new laundry detergent didn’t work very well, and I was out of the old laundry detergent. What to do? For quite awhile I’ve been meaning to experiment with making my own laundry detergent anyway, so here was my chance. Nearly every recipe for homemade laundry detergent calls for washing soda (NOT baking soda!) and borax, both of which I had already purchased. But the recipes also called for Fels Naphtha soap, and I was unable to find this particular brand anywhere I went (not that I looked very hard). But a neighbor who had made her own laundry detergent for quite awhile using Fels Naphtha reported that the clothes stank of this particular soap after they were washed; and worse, laundry wasn’t getting clean. She finally switched back to commercial laundry detergent. Based on this, for a long time I didn’t bother making homemade laundry detergent. Why bother, if the clothes are gonna stink and not get clean? But so many frugal websites reported using homemade laundry detergent as a matter of routine, so without any commercial detergent in the house, I decided to bite the bullet and give the homemade stuff a try. First thing I did was find a recipe that didn’t use Fels Naphtha soap. It called for regular bar soap. I’m a devotee of Ivory soap, and it just so happened that I had several years’ worth of soap shards saved up (I knew they’d come in handy one day!).

  2. Kenny Hudson says:

    We go through so much laundry. Laundry soap can really cut into a budget so here is a recipe to help you save dollars and keep you family smelling good. I find all of these at Harps.

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