“What Once Was Lost” by Kim Vogel Sawyer, book review

“What Once Was Lost” by Kim Vogel Sawyer, book review

Christiana Willems has been the acting director of the pool farm since the death of her father. And everything has been going so well. Until one night, Tommy wakes her up because he smells smoke. All the residents are able to escape without injury, but there is smoke damage to the house and the kitchen is in need of a lot of repair. Christiana is able to place all the residents in temporary housing while until the mission board sends money to repair the home.

All except Tommy, who is blind, no one wants to take him in. Her last resort in Levi Johnson, the mill owner. He reluctantly agrees to take Tommy. So Christiana can concentrate on repairing the home. But many obstacles pop up and the work is delayed again and again.

While Christiana cannot see it, at first, God is caring for the residents of the poor farm in ways she cannot imagine. One by one the residents find new, better places to live. Orphans are adopted by a caring wealthy family who desperately want a family. Adults find jobs suited to their skills and are able to be more independent than when they lived on the poor farm. And Christiana learns that God does hear her prayers and answers them in ways she cannot imagine.

I really enjoyed this book. While the fire and damage to the poor farm was sad, it was wonderful to see how the town rallied around the residents to help. The story moved quickly enough to keep my attention. Great for summer or vacation reading.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher Waterbrook Press. All opinions expressed are my own.


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