Frugal accomplishments for the week, Aug 1, 2013

Some weeks we spend a lot less money than others. This week I tried to not spend a lot, and use up what we had.

– Used veggies from the garden. Our garden is producing well this year because Tim has put so much work into it and because of the cooler temps and abundant rain. We did not have to buy much produce.
-I finished several craft items that I will enter in the local county fairs. And then they are going to be gifts. And all the items were using fabric, etc that I had on hand. And I watched some free movies on Netflicks while doing the hand sewing.
-I finished several books that I enjoyed, and I reviewed them here on my blog and for the publishers.
-I picked local peaches from a farm near by. It was so nice to have fresh produce at a great price.
-I made cookies, biscuits and banana bread from scratch. And I used ingredients that I had in the pantry or freezer. Yummm
-My college daughter bought her books for the fall. She got great deals by buying used books from Amazon and renting from
Amazon. Did you know you can rent college books now? It is a great deal for books you only want to use for 1 term. She spent less than $100 for all her books! Well, 1 I got on Paperback swap, so that one was free.
-My husband and son played golf. This is quite a frugal activity because my son gets to play golf for free because he is a life guard at the city pool, and one perk is he gets to play for free. And he gets a free cart too. So it is a 2 for 1 deal.
– I stayed home a couple of days! I got quite a bit done around the house and some paperwork that had been on my desk a while. Plus saved a lot of money by not driving and not shopping.

How was your week? Were you able to live frugally? Did you take a small step to save money for your family?


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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