Frugal accomplishments for the last week 9/23/13

The last 2 weeks have been so busy with farm events. We have been to several sheep shows around the state of Tennessee, and it feels like we have been living in the barn. I guess we have been. It has been so fun to catch up with sheep show friends who we only see during this time of the year. And to work along side them, showing, feeding, loading and unloading sheep and gear. Our last show of the season is tonight, and I will be thankful to unload for the last time and store our equipment.

Being frugal while on the road is sometimes hard but there is what we have done:
-we packed most of our food and ate in the barn. We packed refillable water bottles too.
-we brought feed and bedding for our sheep from home, so saved the high prices charged by the fairs!

At home:
-called repairman to repair the washing machine. While the total repair bill was $300, it was so nice to be able to wash clothes again after almost 2 weeks without it.
-cooked from what we had in the pantry and freezer. This saved a lot of time and $, plus we enjoyed cooking together.
-mended clothes
-sold golf shoes on ebay that my husband said were too small.
-used free coupons from Kroger (ecoupon) and BzzAgent to try some new items. Kroger has a free item coupon each Friday. Just load onto your Kroger card and redeem for free item. BzzAgent is a fun site that allows you to try new products and then tell others. Want to join? Click here.
-I entered some craft and quilting items in local county fairs. So far I have earned $78 from these craft items. After the last fair this week I have plans for most of the items. One special quilt I will donate to a non profit to use for their fall fund raiser. Several items I will take to my daughter who has her 1st apartment. And others will be put away to use as gifts through out the year. I am now planning my craft projects for next year.
-I bought a gently used Vera Bradley laptop backpack on ebay. I recently bought a new laptop, after my other died. And the backpack that I had used is much too big, as I bought a much smaller and lighter laptop. I got the new back pack for less than 50% of new cost, plus I used paypal $ that I had earned from completing surveys. Can’t wait to use in on an upcoming trip.
-Sold some home school materials we were finished with on amazon. Glad to pass these on to others who can use them and make a little $ too.

What did you do to save money for your family this week? Let’s share to encourage each other.


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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