“Born of Persuasion” by Jessica Dotta, book review

“Born of Persuasion” Price of Privilege #1, by Jessica Dotta, book review

1883- Julia Elliston is on her own. Literally. Her mother committed suicide, her father dead, and how she has nothing and nowhere to go. During this time she must depend on the generosity of friends and even some strangers. Her only hope is an anonymous guardian who wants to send her to Scotland as a servant.

In her heart, she longs to marry her childhood sweetheart, Edward. As the days pass slowly, many details are revealed to her, but just as many new questions arise. When she travels with a family friend, she does get to finally see Edward, but her hopes are dashed when she realizes he as become a vicar.

With no one to guide her, but many who want to manipulate her for their own profit, Julia is afloat. Edward wants to take her away and marry. Mr. Macy, wants to woe her and marry her, but for what true reason. Lady Foxmore will find her a suitable husband, but for a huge fee. Mrs. Windham feels some responsibility toward her as she is best friends with her daughter, Elizabeth, but always has Elizabeth’s best interest at heart. And then her mysterious guardian, is he friend or foe. Being young and sheltered, Julia lacks the knowledge and wisdom to deal with all these, and make good decisions for herself.

This book is overflowing with secrets, deception and treachery. The characters are very well developed, but the plot moves very slowly. And the facts are revealed just a little bit at a time, so that for the first several chapters I could not grasp the story line. I kept reading, and was able to finally understand, but through the rest of the book the story line just moved so very slowly. And this is not the type of book that you can sort of skim or speed read, as each sentence has significance. In the end I did enjoy the story, but was a bit disappointed with the ending…Book #2 is due out summer 2014.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, Tyndale Publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.


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