Frugal accomplishments this week 10/7/2013

Last week had a lot of travel for me, so in some ways it was frugal, no shopping. First trip was a driving trip to take #3 daughter to a competition ( which she won) and home again. All our expenses were paid by the state sponsoring organization, so not much money spent there.

Second trip, 3 days later, was to visit #1 daughter at college. We purchased the tickets last summer when Southwest was having a huge sale, and used points. We ended up staying with her (due to lack of hotel rooms because of home football game) so free lodging. We met old friends and enjoyed time with daughter. We did eat out several times, but it was such fun. I bought her groceries, since she had fed us while we were there, and just because that is what mama’s do when they visit their grad school daughter. We picked apples at the university orchard and enjoyed their harvest field day. Priceline gave us a smoking deal on hotel for the night before we headed home.

I used Sears Rewards points that were a promotion (emailed to me) to buy daughter great smelling candles for new apartment, paid less than $1.

Used some of the apples we picked and made apple crisp for dessert while at daughter’s apt. She can have it for dessert this week too.

Packed an extra suitcase with items daughter needed or wanted from home. Since on Southwest we each got 2 free checked bags, we took her a lot of things. And because we were staying with her we needed to take pillows, towels, etc, so it was no problem because of Southwest’s bag policy. Several of the items were ones I had made and entered in the fairs this summer. I made over $100 in fair premiums from crafts, and she really liked the things I had made for her. Other items will be used for baby gifts in the coming months. Now is the time to start planning crafts to make this winter and enter in fairs next summer/ fall.

While on trip we got snack foods from grocery store for dinner and snacks on plane. Saved money and was healthier than eating out. Yumm.

Tomorrow I will have to go to the grocery store to restock, and I will have to go again later in the week as my 2 college girls will be home for fall break.

Do anything to save your family money this week?


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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