Frugal accomplishments this week 10/14/13

After traveling the last 2 weekends, it was nice to have a weekend at home without commitments. While I did have errands to do, I did not do a lot of shopping.

– Tried to eat from the pantry and freezer. I did purchase fruit, vegetable and dairy, but we really used a lot of things that we had on hand.
– Son had friends over on Thurs night, and I fixed dinner for 10 teens. I made pizza, veggie tray and they brought cookies. Friends brought movies, so it was a very inexpensive evening for them all.
– Finished 2 quilt tops that I had pieced. One I had started to machine quilt, but made mistakes and it was terrible. I took out all the machine quilting. Both are now pinned and ready to machine quilt. I need binding for both, but will figure that out later.
– Began planning my crafts and quilting projects for the next year. Some are used as gifts, and most will be entered in fairs next summer, then used as gifts. I usually try to use fabrics that I have on hand, because there is so much, but after 2 years of doing this, the stash is getting a bit slim for quilting projects. I think I have enough for the main projects, but will need to purchase back ground fabrics as well as backing and bindings. I also started some hand quilting projects. I like to do applique, and have found that it is a good take along project. I have several outings this week that I will have a lot of time to sew, so wanted to get these ready to go. While I enjoy applique, I am not very good at complicated shapes, so my choices are quite limited. I did find a new shape that I will try for a baby quilt.
-I bought a Vera Bradley make up bag on ebay for significantly below the retail price, plus I had ebucks that were now available, so the price was even better. It should arrive this week.
– I bought Cascade Complete at Big Lots. The big box was $5, which is not as good as making my own, but I had noticed that my dishes were not getting super clean. Well…the Cascade worked. And I saw the results with the 1st load. I am all for making my own cleaning products, but only if they work, and the home made dish washer detergent did not work.
-Our church has a ministry to kids on reduced prices lunches, called The Weekender. Basically, we provide a bag of easy to make foods for these kids to have on the weekend. I found big boxes of fruit snacks on sale at Aldi for $2.79 / box of 36. I bought 2 and donated to the Weekender. I usually go and help assemble the bags on Wed nights, we do 105 each week.
-We raked leaves. While this is not a job I enjoy, it was a beautiful day to work outdoors. I worked with my son and we got it done in just a couple of hours. We will have to do this again before the season is over, but we got the first part done.
-I combined trips to town and stayed home some days. This saved on gas, and actually made me feel like I had more time. When we have busy weeks, I enjoy staying home.
-I met 2 4-H clubs. I really enjoy volunteering and right now 4-H is a place I donate a lot of time. It is wonderful to invest in the lives of youth. And this week I have several more 4-H commitments this week! I also volunteered at a benefit for Big Brother and Big Sisters of Middle TN.
-We enjoyed dinner with friends. We get together often, and usually share preparing the meal, putting together a meal with what we have on hand. Great food and fellowship.

Did you do something to save money or otherwise further your financial goals? Share.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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