Frugal activities last week, 10/21/13

Last week definitely saw the hint of fall in the weather. The days were cooler and the nights were even cooler. Here are a few of the activities things I did last week to save my family money:

-Worked on the wood stove to prepare for this year’s burning season. We heat 2/3 of our house with a cast iron wood stove. Each May I schedule the chimney sweep and A/C service at the same time, both are in the off season, and I get a discount. Chimney is already done, but I wanted to check and repair the inside to be ready for our first fire, which I think is not too far away.
-Planned my fair crafts for next year, and got started on several. For the past 3 years I have been using scraps and fabric we have on hand for my craft and quilting projects, buying just a little fabric for a couple of special quilts. I have found that I do not have a lot of choices left now, and the colors are harder to combine into a project. I decided to see if I could find a remnant of black fabric for a quilt project at Hobby Lobby, or just buy 1/3 of a yard. I was delighted to find a remnant that worked just perfectly in my quilt project, and I cut out all the pieces for the blocks this week. I also continued working on my hand applique projects as time permits.
-I completed 1 baby quilt this week: this included machine quilting the whole quilt and binding. It is put away for the time a baby gift is needed.
-I did a coupon shopping trip to CVS and Kroger. I had several coupons that would make items free or almost free, so I was able to stock up on items we use. I enjoy playing the “Drug store game” and it saves me time and money. Time- because I do not have to make a last minute trip to town when we need a personal care item, as there is always an extra in the box. Money- because I shop with coupons when there is a store deal or ECB, making the items less. And sometimes there are just fun things that make someone in my family really smile.
-I tried a new brownie recipe. I always make my baked goods from scratch, but miss the way boxed brownies have a shiny top. I found a recipe on the King Arthur Flour site that explained how to make brownies with the shiny top. While it did not work exactly like the picture, I did like this recipe better and I think it will be our new family brownie recipe.
-We volunteered at our county Farm/ City Day. On this day every year, all the 3rd grade classes travel to the UT Experiment station to spend the day learning about agriculture. The event is sponsored by the Farm Bureau Women, and we help at the 4-H stop. The high school 4-H students share about their project and club activities to get the students ready to join 4-H next year. We brought a couple of hens to share about the Chick Chain project. It was a fun day to visit with friends and inspire the children. As an added bonus, volunteers are provided lunch. Yumm.
-We stayed home several days. This helped to save on gas, and allowed me to get projects done around the house, including sewing, planning craft projects and cooking/ baking.

How was your week? Did you purpose to do things that saved your family time and money? Share here.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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