“The Preacher’s Wife” by Brandi Boddie, book review

Summer 1870 is hot and windy, just like every summer in Assurance, Kansas. But this summer if different. There is a new preacher in town, Rowe Winford, Civil War veteran, looking for a new start. Marissa Pierce is more than ready to start over, and she is counting the days until her contract with the town saloon owner are completed.

Marissa returned to Assurance when her mother died and she was provided room and board by Jason Garth, the saloon owner. As a young teenager, she had to sign a contract to serve a number of years in exchange for room and board, and to serve the remainder of her mother’s obligation. She has plans to invest in the general store in the neighboring town, and has made a down payment. While she works in a saloon, she has only had to sing, dance and pour drinks. But the town’s people think the worst of her, calling her all sorts of names.

Rowe has come to Kansas to minister to the people. He has a heart ache that needs to heal, as he buried his wife and still-born baby. He has left the family plantation, and is following his heart. He has no plans to marry again in the near future, but then…

I enjoyed this book. It was well written and moved along well. The characters seemed real and showed a number of emotions. I will look forward to reading the other books planned in the series.


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