“Ransome’s Honor” by Kaye Dacus, book review

“Ransome’s Honor” Book 1 Ransome Trilogy by Kaye Dacus, book review

Julia has had a crush on William Ransome since she became a teenager, but when he did not propose when she thought he should, she was so disappointed. She returns to the family sugar plantation in Jamaica and he goes back to his post with the navy.

Twelve years later, they meet again, in London. She is about to receive her inheritance including the sugar plantation, and a destitute cousin wants it, to restore his family home and pay off his gambling debts. But Julia has other ideas.

This book is the 1st in the Ransome Trilogy and gives a lot of naval and London history. I really liked the book and was easily able to follow all the characters. The naval operation with its own rules and traditions was quite interesting. And the author contrasted this with the London’s elite feelings about “sailors”. I am ready to read book #2 and follow William and Julia during the next step in their lives.

Disclaimer: I ordered this book on Paperback swap with a credit that I earned from shipping a book to another member. All opinions expressed are my own. To learn more about paperback swap click here


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