This weeks frugal activities 1/6/2014

Happy New Year! We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday season, with many activities, time with friends and families, and great food. Some frugal activities of the last couple of weeks:

– We had budgeted money for Christmas gifts, so it was fun to go shopping and buy things that we knew others wanted and would like to have. In addition, we cashed in points from our Visa card (Thank you points program) and were able to get gift cards for many gifts, plus restaurant cards for a very nice dinner out as a family.
– We hosted a Christmas eve party and had a great time with family and friends. Left over food was our Christmas day lunch. More about Christmas Day activities later.
-Because we had bought special and extra groceries for Christmas meals and baking, I did not buy any food until 1/5, except 2 gallons of milk. And we still have a pretty full pantry, so I have planned menu items to use what we have on hand.
-I used my new embroidery machine to make gifts for Christmas. Since it is just over 1 month old, I am still learning, so most of the items are rather simple, but I think they turned out well. There will be more gifts and personalized items in the future…
-We did a major house cleaning! And in the process, were able to clean out items we no longer need or want. The usable items I donated to the Goodwill, and unusable went to the dump. My son cleaned out his closet and we pass his clothes down to a couple of boys at church (twins).
-We went shopping on 1/1. This has become a sort of family tradition. It started a few years ago when my daughters needed formals to wear to 4-H events in the spring and fall. We found that Dillard’s and Macy’s have 50% off their sale prices, making many items very inexpensive. While we are past the formal stage, we still enjoy shopping for various items. This year I got some business dress clothes that I will wear when chaperoning high school 4-H events and going on business trips with Tim. The girls shopped for more casual clothes. The guys got dress shirts. Then they headed to Joseph A. Banks to look at suits. While Joseph A Banks has very expensive suits, they were having a sale, buy 1 suit get 3 free. So the first suit was $600, but the other 3 were free, or $150 each! And we have found that these suits are very good quality, hold up well through numerous wearing and dry cleanings, and can be altered. And this time each of my guys got 2 suits. After all that shopping, we went to a nice Italian restaurant for lunch. We had a large group as 2 of the kids brought a friend. But that was ok. Valet parking at lunch was free. And we had gift cards from our visa card to pay for it. It was a great day.
-My college girls all ordered their books. We found 2 on paperback swap, so they were FREE! Several others they bought used on Amazon. And most will be sold back to the book store at the end of the term.
-We did not do any other shopping, so saved money by just staying home and enjoying family time.

How was your holiday season? I hope that you stayed within your budget and had lots of fun with your family. Share ideas for the new year.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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