“Mission of Mercy” by Nancy Alcorn, book review

“Mission of Mercy” by Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President of Mercy Ministries

Nancy Alcorn shares deeply from her heart to help us understand how young ladies are hurting, and more importantly how with God’s help, Mercy Ministries helps them to find healing. This is a book filled with true stories of girls and young ladies who had hit the bottom, but found help and healing at Mercy Ministries. And Nancy gives all the glory to God!

The stories are difficult to read! They have common threads of childhood abuse, neglect and how these girls learned to just survive. But in surviving, they used unhealthy coping techniques that in the long run were very destructive. Nancy’s first jobs were for the state of Tennessee, and she saw how desperate these young ladies were. And in her heart she knew that God is the only real healer. So in 1983 she founded Mercy Ministries to fill that void. And in this book she shares many success stories!

This book is a little difficult to read, as it is brutally honest in the ways that girls were abused and self abused. But each story ends with how God was able to save her and bring about good in her life. If you are interested in this type of ministry, this is a great book to read and understand where these girls come from.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, Charisma House. All opinions are my own.


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