“The Sentinels of Andersonville” by Tracy Groot, book review

“The Sentinels of Andersonville” by Tracy Groot, Book Review
Every country has parts of its history that it would like to erase, and the American Civil War should fall into that category. Brother against brother, families and farms ruined by the war and fighting of men. And the fall out of the war was the prisoners. This is the center of this novel, the Andersonville Prison, near the end of the war. The conditions were so bad that the stench could be smelled from a distance away. The South lacked the resources to care for these northern prisoners and so did little.

The novel is extremely detailed, and seems to move very slowly. I was a bit surprised by the Note to the Reader at the very beginning of the book describing that many of the details of the book include unimaginable sufferings, and not sure I even wanted to read any farther. But I did. And it was true. The details were, well, terrible, but showed what really happened.

I had a very difficult time getting into the book, figuring out the characters, following the plots, making since of the story. The details of the conditions were not so terrible that I could not read it, but I think slowed the progress of the story. Overall, this was not a favorite book, and I would only recommend it for those who really enjoy the details of the Civil War.

Disclaimer: I received this from Tyndale Publishers. All opinions expressed are my own.

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