“First Impressions” by Sarah Price book review

“First Impressions” by Sarah Price, The Amish Classics #1
An Amish Tale of Pride and Prejudice

Lizzie is one of 5 daughters on the Blank family dairy farm. Without any brothers, the girls sometimes have to help with chores in the barn and in the fields. Jane is the oldest but Lizzie is the one who helps Daed with the milking. When news arrives that owners of the near by farm are coming from Ohio, everyone is hopeful that there will be young men who are looking for wives.

Jane starts courting Charles and they seem do be getting on well. But his father has a heart attack and he quickly returns home, without a word to Jane. And for the time he is away, he does not write. Lizzie quickly forms opinions about another occupant of the farm, Fredrick. He seems so proper and aloof, and this is not usual for an Amish gentleman. She tries to steer clear of him, but they end up spending some time together, after her sister is stranded at the farm following a terrible storm.

This is an enjoyable story based on the classic Pride and Prejudice, but set in an Amish community. The next part of the story is “The Matchmaker” coming out in 2015.


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