“Annie’s Stories” by Cindy Thompson book review

“Annie’s Stories” By Cindy Thompson, book review- Ellis Island book #2

Annie has arrived in New York to flee the troubles in Ireland. She is befriended by the owner of a boarding house who is a friend of the family priest. She and her father had traveled Ireland as he was a story teller. He would tell wonderful stories of the legends of Ireland to all who would listen. But when he becomes ill and dies, Annie is left penniless. Her relatives take her to the nuns who were to care for the less fortunate, but it was torture for the girls. They worked in the laundry, but were abused by the workers and doctors who were to care for them. Fortunately, Annie was rescued and sent to America, but not before she lost all trust for others, including men.

As she gets established, working as the house keeper in the boarding house, she begins to trust again, slowly…The mail man is a young man who is trying to make good on his family’s debts( paying the undertaker for burying his parents and brother), but finds it difficult to make ends meet. He finds the red haired house keeper at the boarding house quite lovely, and tries to get to know her as he walks his route.

The story is wonderful and easy to read. Those interested in writing or the publishing process will especially enjoy it.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Tyndale House. All opinions expressed are my own.

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