“The River Palace” by Gilbert Morris, book review

“The River Palace” A Water Wheel Novel, by Gilbert Morris, book review

After the Civil War ended the soldiers from both sides were released from duty and slowly made their way home, many on foot.  Yankee Captain Dennis Wainwright and Confederate Sergeant Gage Kennon cross paths and encounter a band of Gypsies.  And so begins an adventure for all.  Kennon helps Wainwright recover from a gun shot wound and later measles.  And in the process, is able to help a Gypsy grandmother whose leg is caught in an old hunting trap.  These all join together to help each other.

When Wainwright heals, he joins his uncle in running the riverboat, “Queen of Bohemia” and invites the Gypsies to come aboard the river boat as entertainers.  This partnership works well and they enjoy several trips up and down the river.

Gage also joins the riverboat team and really enjoys getting to know the Gypsies, especially Nadyha, the granddaughter of the women he helped heal after the trap accident.  As they both try to live true to their own heritage but also explore joining another.

This is the third book in the River Boat series.  As all Morris novels, there is great detail in the characters and plot.  It is well written and enjoyable.  I took this book on vacation and it was great to read by the pool as well as the plane.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from B and H Fiction.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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