“Heaven Sent Rain” by Lauraine Snelling, book review

Dinah is living her dream, CEO of her own company making medical suppliments that help people have a more healthy and productive live.  Her staff love and respect her, and they work as a team!  She has her own apartment which is her refuge from the outside world and she has it decorated just the way she wants it, all in white.

Then one morning her whole world is rocked.  The little boy she often sees at the corner on her way to work, seems hungry, and his dog too.  She buys her a breakfast sandwich.  Then heads to the office and carries on with her day.

But Jonah needs her!  His mother is dying and he has no one.  When his dog, Mutt, is injured in a fight, Jonah calls Dinah and she takes the boy and dog to the Vet Urgent Care.  There they meet Dr. G, who is able to help Mutt recover, and also becomes a friend.

This story was heart warming when an adult cares enough to invest in a child’s life and go beyond what most would do.  I enjoyed the story and all personal interactions of the characters.  I did think it ended rather abruptly.  I would have liked to see a little more of the story before the end.

Disclaimer:  I received an e-book from the author to read and review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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