“A Table by the Window” by Hilary Monton Lodge, book review

Juliette grew up in the restaurant, and it is still in her blood.  Her parents own and operate a wonderful little Italian restaurant and now her brother wants to open his own place, but he needs her help.  Juliette got out of the restaurant business a few years ago and has been the food writer for the local paper, and liking it.  But should she leave her secure job to help her brother?

When her grandmother dies, Juliette inherits the pastry table, and while sifting through her belongings discovers a picture of a man, who looks a lot like her brother.  Now she is on a quest to discover the identity and other facts or secrets her grandmother left behind.

This was an enjoyable book to  read.  Since it was centered around food, there are many recipes included in the book, and that makes it more interesting.  Great book for the foodie in your life.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from the publisher, Waterbrook Press, as a member of the Blogging for Books program.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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