“Shadowed by Grace” by Cara C. Putman, book review

“Shadowed by Grace” by Cara C. Putman, A Story of Monuments Men- In Italy

Rachel is a gifted photographer and she needs to earn a lot of money, fast. Her mother is dying from TB and needs treatment, but it is expensive. During WWII women were not usually given assignments near the fighting, but Rachel gets an assignment to take pictures and send them home. She also hopes to find her father, who she has never met and does not even know his name. Her only clue is a sketch book from her mother’s year in Italy as an art student.

Scott is in the US Army, but he is not really a soldier. He has an art degree and manages a large museum and gallery. He is assigned to the Monument Men project to help record, recover and restore precious works of art. It is a thankless job for many, but he is quite passionate about it.

When Scott and Rachel are assigned the same jeep driver, they learn to work together, and find a common purpose in the midst of the awfulness of war. And with Scott’s help, Rachel learns to trust God to care for her.

I enjoyed this book. While I have read many WWII stories, I was unfamiliar with the Monument Men mission and was glad that the US government cared enough to invest time and money into saving art. I did find that the story bogged down a bit in the middle, just moving very slowly and not making much progress, followed by a rather quick ending. But overall, a good read.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, B&H . All opinions expressed are my own.


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