“A Thousand Sleepless Nights” by Michael King, book review

“A Thousand Sleepless Nights” by Michael King, book review

Jim left home because his abusive dad threw him out when he tried to stop him from abusing his mother. He ended up getting a job as a farm hand at the St. Claire farm, where he met the owners daughter, Nena. Without trying, Jim discovers that Nena’s fiancé has an abusive nature and when Jim confronts him, he is attacked and badly to beaten. When Jim shares to truth with Nena, she breaks off her engagement and later marries Jim, much to her fathers disappointment.

Later, when her father dies of cancer, Nena discovers the ranch is deeply in debt, but she does all she can to save it. Now that she is diagnosed with cancer, she realizes that in trying to save the ranch, she neglected some time with her children.

This is a brutal look at cancer and family dynamics. I would not suggest this book to anyone who has recently lost a friend or loved one to cancer, as it will bring back painful memories. But the book did show how families can forgive and learn to love again.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, Realms. All opinions expressed are my own.


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