“The Donkey in the Living Room” by Sarah Raymond Cunningham” book review

The Donkey in the Living Room” by Sarah Raymond Cunningham” book review. A Tradition that celebrates the true meaning of Christmas.

This delightful hardback picture book is perfect for the last few days before Christmas, to help the children understand the real meaning of Christmas. The author suggests that you gift wrap your nativity figures (labeling so you know which is which) and the have the children unwrap one figure each evening while you read the story about that figure. The days/ stories are:
9 days before: Mary
8 days before: donkey
7 days before: cow
6 days before: sheep
5 days before: shepherd
4 days before: angel
3 days before: camel
2 days before: wise men
1 day before: Joseph
Christmas day: Baby Jesus

I think this is a wonderful way to read the Christmas story to children, concentrating on 1 aspect of the story each day. While I do not agree with the sequence of the wise men at the manger, understand the order, as Jesus arrives on Christmas day.

I think this would be a wonderful gift for a preschool age child, and could also include a child proof nativity set (Play mobile or similar) so the child can explore and enjoy reenacting the Christmas story.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, B&H Kids. All opinions expressed are my own.


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