“Along Wooded Paths” by Tricia Goyer, book review

“Along Wooded Paths” by Tricia Goyer, book review, Book #2.

Marianna moved to Montana with her family, but her plan was to return home after her mother recovers from having her baby. But as the weeks go by, she begins to feel at home in Montana. She likes working in the bakery and being around Amish and English neighbors. Which is so different than things were in Indiana, where Amish and English were very separate.

Ben has found he place in Montana and is beginning to feel like he can sing and even write music again. His inspiration comes from a young Amish maiden he met. And music is not apart of her religion. They have become friends and enjoy their time together. But as their feelings grow, they both know that there is a huge divide.

Marinna is really enjoying the freedom to read the English Bible and learn about God in a very personal way, not just from the bishop during their bi-monthly Sunday services. She has developed a very personal relationship with God, and feels His presence and leading.

But then Aaron Zook, a special friend from Indiana arrives without any notice, at least to Marianna. He is injured in a driving accident on the way from the train station and ends up spending several months on the couch in the Sommer’s home. It is very awkward for Marianna, but she decides to make the best of it. She and Aaron begin to become better friends and think about a future.

This is book #2 in the series and continues the story of the Sommers family and their transition to the Amish community in Montana. I look forward to book #3.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, B & H Publishers. All opinions expressed are my own.


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