“The Bracelet” by Dorthy Love, book review

“The Bracelet” by Dorthy Love, book review

Celia has waited for over two years for her childhood sweetheart to return from Jamaica. And now he is back! But someone else is new in town, a reporter who is determined to learn the truth about the long buried family secrets. Celia, in an effort to shield her frail father tries to deter the reporter.

While Celia is an only child, her cousin, Ivy, who was orphaned as a young girl, has lived in the Browning home as long as Celia can remember. While the girls got along, there was always some competition or bad feelings between them. And as young ladies, they still did not agree on many things. But they did work together to better the lives of unfortunate young ladies who lived at the asylum- volunteering and donating.

As the threat of Georgia leaving the union, and the possibility of war, may disrupt Celia and Sutton’s wedding plans. Sutton is trying to organize the building of ships to get goods to market through the possible blockade.

This book was a little difficult to grasp the plot and characters at the beginning, but after a couple of chapters, I began to really grasp it all. I did enjoy the story and hope that there is another in the series.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.


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