“A Woodland Miracle” by Ruth Reid, book review

“A Woodland Miracle” by Ruth Reid, book review
An Amish Wonders Novel, #2

Grace Wagler has been affected by a birth defect (one leg shorter than the other) and muscle weakness. She remembers her mother becoming weak and dying when she was a young girl, and just know that is what will happen to her too. So, she knows that marriage and a family of her own are just a dream. She cares for her younger siblings and runs the house for her father. Plus she lives in an Amish district where the women outnumber the men 3-1.

Ben Eicher was sent by his father to Michigan to live with his uncle as a last resort, to see if he can learn to stay out of trouble. When he arrives in Michigan, he finds his uncle along with all the able bodied men of the district are up in the mountains logging. He gets off on the wrong foot with Grace, when he shows up on her door step, unannounced.

The Bishop is able to help Ben and his friend Toby find meaningful work until the men return from logging. But the whole community is in danger when a mentally unstable man and his nurse escape from a mental institution and find their way to the Amish district. When Grace’s home is invaded by the pair, Ben tries to save her.

This is the second in the Amish Wonders series, and follows many of the same characters as the first book. The story is easy to read and the characters seem real, as they struggle with identity issues and the fear of danger.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, as a member of the BookLook community. All opinions expressed are my own.


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