“Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden” by Karen Newcomb, book review

“Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden” by Karen Newcomb, book review

Originally published over 40 years ago, then is the fully updated vegetable gardening book. The postage stamp idea is that with just a small plot of land (4’x4′) the gardener can produce vegetables for their family’s consumption. This book is written with the organic gardener in mind with many suggestions to grow vegetables without the use of commercial products. The chapters include soil mix and prep, planning garden, how and when to plant, watering, harvesting, dealing with diseases and pests.

There are many suggestions on variations of companion planting and rotation plantings to maximize harvest with the small plot. This book has a lot of info for the beginner to more advanced gardener. While not all ideas will appeal to every gardener, but all should be able to find ideas that will work with your small plot.

There are no color pictures. The only illustrations are some line drawings and a couple of tri-color garden plot plans. I would have really enjoyed seeing photos of gardens and the ideas explained in the text.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Ten Speed Press. All opinions expressed are my own.


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