“A Faith of her Own” by Kathleen Fuller, book reivew

“A Faith of Her Own” by Kathleen Fuller, book review

Anna Mae and Jeremiah, along with his brother Amos, were childhood friends. They played together and promised to always be friends, no matter what came along. But then Jeremiah left. Just left. Without so much as a good bye for anyone. Amos got a couple of letters over the years, but nothing for Anna Mae. Everyone knew he went to the city where he attended college and vet school. And then one day, he returned to Middlefield.

They had all grown up, well grown older. Amos was quite a large man now, but his mind was still that of a child. Jeremiah was a veterinarian, and had come home to help Doc, as he had broken his leg tending a sick horse. And Anna Mae had grown up too, although she was not content. He mother was pressuring her to join the Amish church and marry. But Anna Mae was unsettled.

As she and Jeremiah tend some ill horses on his cousins’ farm, they work together and get reacquainted. Anna Mae finally has the strength to inform her mother of her desire to go to college and become a nurse. This does not sit well with her mother, who tells her to leave the house.

This is the first of the Middlefield Amish novel series, although some of the characters are from previous series by the same author. I enjoyed the book. It dealt well with the sometimes touchy subject of joining the Amish church or not. I look forward to reading the next in the series.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson. All opinions expressed are my own.

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