“The Wood’s Edge” by Lori Benton, book review

“The Wood’s Edge” by Lori Benton, book review. The Pathfinders series, #3

1757- New York- home to both British colonists and the Oneida tribe. But their paths rarely cross…until the fateful night when Fort William Henry falls. Major Reginald Aubrey is in the fort with his wife, who has just given birth to their son. Unfortunately, the baby lives only minutes. While Major Aubrey carries his son’s body while overseeing the evacuation of the Fort, he stubbles upon a captive women who has also given birth. But her babies (twin boys) are alive. In a split-second decision that will haunt him the rest of his life, Major Aubrey switches one of the live babies for his dead one. He is motivated by the fragile nature of his wife’s mind, and thinks that if he brings her a live baby, she will strengthen and live.

Fast forward years, the boy grows up in the British home, and as a teen travels back to the continent with his mother to pursue a law degree. His twin has been raised in the Oneida tribe and has become quite a hunter and warrior, but at the prompting of his mother, always been searching for his brother.

This story is full of the intense struggles that the early settlers of our county faced on a day to day basis, many with life and death consequences from decisions made in a moment of battle or conflict. This is the 3rd book of the series, but stands well on its own. There are some visits from characters of previous books, but it only enhances the story.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced reading copy of the book from the publisher, Waterbrook Press. All opinions expressed are my own.

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