Scripture writing plan- not just for kids

march2bscripture2bwriting2bplan2benglishAs a Christ follower, I know the importance of studying the Bible. But as life is busy, I often struggle to take the time necessary to read daily. For the last 4 months, I have tried a new way to study the Bible: writing scriptures each day. Daily copywork was an assignment that my younger children had during our early homeschool days. It is easy, just copy several verses. For the children, it was a way to practice their penmanship and learn Bible verses. As an adult, it is something to do, rather than just reading.

I found these scripture writing plan by Sweet Blessings.  Each day has verses, which may or may not be familiar, that I locate in my Bible, then copy into a journal.  Somehow, knowing that I “must” write my verses makes me want to dive into the Bible, rather than just knowing I should read.  Slowing down enough to write the verses makes me analyze the words and the message God is sending me through his word.  These pages are free for printing- with cute graphics.

I suggest this method for something new to study the Bible.  You can write any verses you want:  Bible chapters, a few verses a day, do your own search on a topic, or verses that coordinate a class you are taking.

To encourage each other, share your Bible study method that keeps you motivated!

Disclaimer:  I found Sweet Blessings scripture writing printable pages from another blog (but can’t remember which one.)  I enjoy the free printable pages.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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One Response to Scripture writing plan- not just for kids

  1. Love the idea! We just started doing this as well. I also combine it with a bible journaling feel, to get more of a picture in my head.

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