“Eden Hill” by Bill Higgs, book review

“Eden Hill” by Bill Higgs, book review

1960 Eden Hill, KY.  Virgil Osgood runs the Osgood’s Service Station that his father started when he came home from the war.  Virgil follows his father’s example and provides excellent service for all the residents of Eden Hill.

Cornelius Alexander is newly married and expecting his first baby.  Recently graduated from business college he is ready to be a success in business!  Following the Zipco service station manual to the letter, he is on the road to provide Eden Hill residents with a whole new experience in getting gas, tires, and snacks.

Rev. Eugene Caudill has been the pastor to the folks of Eden Hill for years.  While he still misses his wife who died years ago, he strives to be the shepherd to his flock.

So many things are always the same while so many things are changing.  But changing for the better?  Some think so, but others are not so sure.

This is an excellent novel and captures the daily life in the early 1960’s America.  I enjoyed getting to know the characters and fretting with them through their problems.  But each learns that God is faithful in all circumstances.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Tyndale Fiction.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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