“An Uncommon Protector” by Shelley Shepherd Grey, book review

“An Uncommon Protector” by Shelley Shepherd Grey, book review

Laurel has somehow survived the War, but now she must keep her ranch going. Following her father’s death, Laurel learns he has left her the ranch. But without help, she is not sure how she can keep up with all the work. And now she has discovered squatters in the North pasture. Where can she find the help she needs?

Thomas Baker fought bravely during the War but landed in jail for a stupid gambling debt. He has learned his lesson. He will serve his time and then get an honest job. While a prisoner, he is forced to work on Laurel’s farm, which is a welcome distraction from the boring days in jail. When his sentence is completed, he may be able to get out if someone, anyone, will purchase his services for 1 year. He hopes someone needs a worker.

This is a story of hope and goodness, as well as evil and greed. I enjoyed the characters and the way that good won out in the end.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.


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