“Treasured Grace” by Tracie Peterson, book review

“Treasured Grace” by Tracie Peterson, book review

Grace is on her way to a new home, having left all that is familiar behind, except her two little sisters, Mercy and Grace. When their parents died, Grace decided the only way to support herself and sisters was to marry the Right Reverend and accompany him west. This was a loveless marriage, purely for convenience. Grace needed a man to support her. The Right Reverend needed a wife to the mission board would allow him to do mission work.

Neither counted on the hardships on the trail. Grace was well prepared to handle the medical needs of the wagon train folks, as she had been trained as a healer. Using her knowledge of herbs and general medical care, she maintained her health and that of those around her. But the Right Reverend did not want to be bothered with in conveniences like boiling water for drinking. And he became ill and died on the trail.

This begun a new set of hardships for Grace and her sisters. They stopped at a mission outpost and hoped to winter there. A measles outbreak caused much sickness at the mission and with the local Indians. This caused tensions between the two groups to mount.

This is an interesting story of settlers from the east coming to the land of the Native Americans and how the two groups conflicted.

I enjoyed the book. The story was interesting and fast paced. I look forward to the next story in the Heart of the Frontier series.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House. All opinions expressed are my own.


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