“The Chapel Car Bride” by Judith Miller, book review

“The Chapel Car Bride” by Judith Miller, book review

Hope Irvine has lived with her elderly aunt in Pittsburg until her aunt recently passed. Now she pleads with her father to allow her to accompany him in the Chapel Car. This converted railroad car travels the rails bringing preaching of God’s word to those in need. She loves singing and leading the children’s lessons whenever the Chapel car stops. But their stop in Finch, West Virginia proves to be a challenge for Hope and her father.

Luke has worked in the coal mines which took his father’s life many years ago. He does not really enjoy the work, but it is the only way to provide for his mother and sister. He feels he can never get ahead of the company, because like all mining families they are forced to rent their housing from the mining company and shop at the company store. These fees are deducted from their wage, with little or no cash left.

Kirby Finch is sent to Finch as a punishment by his father for mishandling money and responsibility. His job is to keep the mine productive and not allow men to join the union. He has other, less legal, motives in mind. And having Hope in town is just an added bonus.

This is a fun story of young love in a difficult time and place. The characters are likeable and the plot moves at a steady pace. I enjoyed the book.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House.All opinions expressed are my own.


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