“The Refuge Assured” by Joyelyn Green, book review

a refuge assured

“The Refuge Assured” by Joyelyn Green, book review

Vivenne is a lace maker for the queen of France. This is a craft she learned from her aunt Rose, who raised her from infancy, when her mother could not fill the role of mother. Vivenne always longed to be a good enough child that her mother would love and want her. But that was not to be. When the Revolution broke out, she, with many others feared for their lives. Amazingly, she was provided a way of escape to America where she learned new skills to provide for herself, and her charge, Henri.

Liam, and Irish immigrant, served proudly in the American Revolution and was now beginning his life with a piece of land his very own. He build a house, planted crops and cut firewood. After being called up again, he serves, then resigns his post. Upon arriving home, he finds a problem with his land title, and must work for a French immigrant on shares, the land he thought was his own.

Vivenne and Liam work together to protect Henri, who some consider the heir to the French throne. While they are unsure of his title, they know he is a little boy who has lost everything and deserves love and protection.

This book started off with a violent passage of the horrors that were part of the French Revolution. The story continues with the non stop action as the characters are often faced with difficult decisions and heart breaking circumstances. But they learn to rely on God for His wisdom and guidance.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher Bethany House. all opinions expressed are my own.

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