“The Forgotten Recipe” by Amy Clipston, book review


“The Forgotten Recipe” by Amy Clipston, book review

In an instant, Veronica’s life is shattered! Her fiancé, Seth, is killed in an accident at work. Now she feels lost and does not know how she can go on. In an effort to cope, she cleans and bakes. After cleaning the whole house, she begins to tackle the attic. There, she finds her grandmothers recipe box, and decides to make the raspberry pie, as their garden has an abundance of raspberries this year. It is an instant hit, and she begins to sell them as fast as she can bake them.

Jason worked with Seth and feels responsible for his death, because he stepped away from the work site to get them both a water bottle, when Seth falls to his death. He decides he must tell Veronica about his part in Seth’s death, but when he meets her is in attracted to her. After buying a pie for his mother, he begins a cautious friendship.

But will his part in Seth’s death tear this fragile friendship apart?

This is the first book in the series “Amish Heirlooms”. It is an easy to read book and the characters are easily likable. I look forward to reading the next books in this series and following the characters.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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“Happy Cooking” by Giada De Lourentiis, book review


“Happy Cooking” Making Every Meal Count…Without Stressing Out by Giada De Laurentiis, book review

We should all be happy to cook and then eat, but sometimes it is just hard work. And then some part of the meal just fails. But in her new book, Giada, shows us how to be happy when cooking and not stressed out.

This beautiful book has lots of new recipes along with pictures that make us hungry just reading it. This book is good for the experienced cook looking for new inspiration or a beginning cook just getting started. Would make a great gift too.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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“Hand-Me-Down Princess, by Carol Moncado, book review

The Prince is getting married! The kingdom is excited about the royal wedding. But who is this girl who is to be the princess? No one knows, but Jessabelle Keller is going along with it as her last act to her dying father.

This is a modern fairy tale with all the drapings of a classic, but set in modern times with fast cars, cell phones and ipads. Thankfully, no evil step-mother, but there are several closely held family secrets that come to light following the wedding that make life difficult for the new royal family. But the prince and princess learn to love each other and depend on God.

I really enjoyed this book. It was light reading and full of wonderful adventure.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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“A Father’s Second Chance” by Mindy Obenhaus, book review

“A Father’s Second Chance” by Mindy Obenhaus, book review

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Celeste has moved to a small town to take over her grandmothers café. She has fond memories of being here with her grandmother, and is eager to make it go. She has grand plans to renovate and open a bed and breakfast, using as much of the original materials as possible to keep the charm of the place.

Gage is a single dad of two precious daughters, who can be a real handful at times. Gage and Celeste meet at a wedding- Celeste is the caterer while Gage is related to the wedding party. When one of Gage's daughters threatens a melt down, Celeste is able to head it off and calm the situation.

They meet again when a bear invades Celeste's garage and she runs across the street for help. As the two get to know each other, they become friends and perhaps a bit more.

This was an easy to read, rather predictable romance, with some great characters.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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A Father’s Second Chance

Love Inspired (July 21, 2015)


Mindy Obenhaus


A Word from the Author: To steal a line from Donny and Marie, I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll. I’m trapped in the city, but prefer the country or the mountains.

I love Jesus, my family, and just about anything sweet.

I believe Jesus died for my sins, rose three days later, and will one day return. He has carried me through some of my darkest hours. Without faith in Him, I would be nowhere.

I have a penchant for chocolate, clothes, and shoes. When I’m not penning romance novels, I enjoy cooking, decorating and shopping.


Businesswoman Celeste Thompson has one goal: to make her restaurant and hotel a success. She doesn’t need any distractions, even from handsome contractor Gage Purcell and his two adorable little girls. Besides, single dad Gage is just biding his time before a big job at the mines comes through. But as Celeste’s project springs to life, their arguments transform into attraction. Gage isn’t looking for romance, especially not with another career-driven woman like his ex-wife. But openhearted Celeste is more than just another work-consumed client. She might just be his happily-ever-after.

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Father’s Second Chance, go HERE.

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“A Refuge at Highland Hall” by Carrie Turansky, book review

“A Refuge at Highland Hall” by Carrie Turansky, book review- Edwardian Brides #3

World War I has come to Britain and affects the residents of Highland Hall. Many of the men have gone to fight, leaving the women and old men to run the estate. And as the war continues, more and more seek refuge at the Hall. First Kate brings the 8 orphans she and Jon have taken in, along with their servants and sister, Penny.

Alex Goodwin is a pilot with the Royal Navel Air Service and is a good fighter pilot! He meets Jon when he is recovering from an injury, and meets the family, including Penny at a family dinner.

This is a wonderful story of how people bond together to work to help those who are in need. This concludes the series, and I was pleased with how the story ends.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Multnomah. All opinions expressed are my own.

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“The Girl from the Train” by Irma Joubert, book review

“The Girl from the Train” by Irma Joubert, book review

WWII is near the end, but those involved don’t know it, but they are always hopeful. Jakob fights for the Polish resistance against Russia and Germany. One of his assignments was to plant bombs to take out a bridge. But when I train full of Germany Jews crosses the bridge before the enemy troops, Gretl and her sister are the only survivors.

Jakob finds Gretl and takes her home, the only thing he can think to do to care for the 7 year old girl. For 3 years they build a sort of friendship that is was not uncommon especially during war time. But she cannot stay with him forever. He learns about an opportunity for orphans to go to Northen Africa to be adopted, he gets her enrolled.

This is an amazing story of love and unselfishness. It also sheds light on how people in other countries often do not understand all that happens, especially during war times.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson. All opinions expressed are my own.

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“Promises to Keep” by Elizabeth Byler Younts, book review

“Promises to Keep” by Elizabeth Byler Younts, book review

Esther has been caring for herself for most of her life. So when her grandmother dies, it is just one more person who has died and left a void in her life. But, Daisy is the light in her dark days. Daisy, who is a deaf child, is precious to Esther and together they are a family, even if it is different than the others in their Amish community.

As World War II ends, everyone is affected, including Esther and Daisy. Daisy’s father returns home from the war, but is unsure how to get to know his daughter, who does not remember him at all.


This is a story of forgiveness and moving forward during hard times.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Promise to Keep

Howard Books (October 13, 2015)


Elizabeth Younts


A Word from the Author:

I’m Elizabeth, a blessed child of The King. I’m a middle-born daughter, military officer’s wife, homeschooling mama, writer, closet DIYer, and, dare I say it, Downton Abbey addict. May I also mention that I love both my history and my coffee rich.

I am formerly Amish and my heritage is very dear to me and thankful to be so accepted among my still Amish family. I can still speak PA Dutch, too! You can learn more about my Amish family in my first book Seasons: A Real Story of an Amish Girl.

My three book series with Howard Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) is a dream come true. The series is titled The Promise of Sunrise. In this series you will live through World War 2 from an Amish perspective and experience their unique struggles as conscientious objectors during wartime. What happened if one of their members enlisted? What was it like to serve at the Civilian Public Service Camps for years with almost no compensation? How did Amish women and families cope when a son or father was drafted? I look forward to taking you back into the richness of these years of Amish history through fiction.


World War II Marine Joe Garrison returns home from war longing to be a father to his deaf daughter, Daisy, only to find that she is attached to Esther Detweiler, the Amish woman who has raised her since his wife’s death in this touching historical romance.

Orphaned as a child, Esther Detweiler is used to caring for herself and her ailing grandmother. They made the best out of a hard life and poverty without asking for help. They even take in her shunned cousin’s deaf daughter, Daisy, when her mother dies and her father goes off to war. When Esther’s grandmother dies, Daisy is all she has.

When war veteran Joe Garrison returns, all he can think about is recovering from the horrors of war and building a relationship with his seven-year-old daughter. Daisy, however, is unwilling to leave Esther, whom she loves. Joe and Daisy get to know each other again, but Joe struggles with nightmares and fatherhood is proving to be more difficult than he imagined. Esther loves Daisy and despite her Amish ways, Joe finds himself drawn to her as a woman and not just a caregiver.

As their love blossoms, Joe decides to send Daisy away to a school for the deaf which propels their lives into turmoil and a battle for love and family.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Promise to Keep, go HERE.


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“When Love Returns” by Kim Vogel Sawyer, book review

“When Love Returns” by Kim Vogel Sawyer, book review
The Zimmerman Restoration Series Trilogy, book 3

This is the conclusion of the Zimmerman Restoration series and it really brings all the lose pieces together. Suzie Zimmerman has been restored with her mother and accepted by her siblings, along with her adopted daughter, Alexa. But she still is estranged from her biological daughter, whom she gave up for adoption at her birth. While she gets to see Anna-Grace, she is unaware that Suzie is her mother.

Alexa is interested in finding her birth mother. She works with family friends to do some investigative work.

Cynthia is content with her family, but always wonders about the daughter she abandoned at the unwed mother’s home all those years ago. As a surprise Christmas gift, her husband, Glen, gives her the gift of finding her daughter, by hiring a PI. But they are all surprised by Cynthia’s obsession with finding her daughter and how she begins to neglect her family.

This is the conclusion of the Zimmerman family story and it explores many of the emotions and issues surrounding adoption from both the mother, father, and child’s point of view.

I enjoyed this book and while not surprised with the ending, did enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Apple and Eve Juice, product review

Apple and Eve Juice- product review

All kids like juice, including mine, even though they no longer need sippy cups to have a drink. The new Apple and Eve Organic family of juices offer a variety of flavors to suit many families.

Apple and Eve started in the 1970’s when organic foods were just making an appearance. Through the years they have continued to make quality juices for the entire family. And now with the more modern packaging, it is even more convenient.

I tried the natural apple juice and several of the juice box quenchers. The apple juice tasted really good and was very refreshing served over ice on the hot afternoon. The juice boxes were easy to take along and drink on the go. The flavors were subtle. Moms everywhere will appreciate the light color of the juice, which should eliminate staining of clothes.

Disclaimer: I received the juice from the manufacturer to try. All opinions expressed are my own.

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“firefly summer” by Kathleen Y’Barbo, book review

“firefly summer” by Kathleen Y’Barbo, book review

Sessa Chambers has endured so much hurt and heartache, she is not sure she will ever really recover. Her husband died when her son Ross was just a youngster, and then 20 years later, Ross is killed in a robbery. Then a mysterious phone call leads Sessa to become the guardian for her granddaughter, Pansie. Then, she lands her dream job, restoring carousel horses for the Smithsonian. How much more complicated can her life become?

Trey Brown has been released from prison. After two years behind bars, he is free, or is he. His medical license has been restored and he has been offered a job. But can he pick up a scalpel without losing his lunch? And he feels he must apologize to Sessa and ask her forgiveness. That is probably the hardest thing he has ever attempted.

This is a story filled with tragedy and loss, but also forgiveness and grace. The characters seem real and genuine. The story moves along and keeps my interest.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher, Redbud Press. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Firefly Summer

Redbud Press (June 23, 2015)


Kathleen Y’Barbo


RITA and Carol award nominee Kathleen Y’Barbo is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than forty novels, novellas, and young adult books. In all, more than one million copies of her books are currently in print in the US and abroad, and her books have been translated into Dutch, German, and Spanish, to name a few.

Kathleen is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. She holds a BBA from Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School and a certification in Paralegal Studies, and is a former member of the Texas Bar Association’s Paralegal Division.

A tenth-generation Texan, Kathleen Y’Barbo has four children of her own as well as seven bonus kids she gladly inherited when she married her own hero in combat boots (read about their real-life romance here!). Kathleen is proud to be a military wife, even if it did mean giving up her Texas drivers license.


A new cowboy romance from award-winning author Kathleen Y’Barbo.

Trey’s biggest challenge isn’t performing surgery…it’s restoring Sessa’s heart!

Artist Sessa Chambers may never recover from losing her prodigal son. Even as she grieves the tragic decisions that led to his death, and left her with a toddler to raise, she’s asked to work on her dream project—restoring carousel horses for the Smithsonian. But she can’t do it on her own…

Dr. Trey Brown can’t pick up a scalpel again. Yes, he acted in self-defense, but the events of that awful night haunt him. He was trained to save lives, not take them. When he goes to the young man’s widowed mother to apologize, she’s not at all what he expected. For one thing, she’s not as alone as he thought—not with the fearsome ladies of the Pies, Books, and Jesus Book Club in her corner. For another, she’s beautiful, and being in her presence is more jolting than any eight-second bronco ride from his former rodeo days. Before he knows it, she’s captured his heart as easily as they capture the fireflies gracing Sessa’s Texas ranch.

How can they overcome their past to embrace a future together?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Firefly Summer, go HERE.

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